Sign This Kid mix cover

4/4 — May musings

Presenting my second-ever mix filled with soul-soothing tunes, as well as ALL my new selfies, an expansive video I watch weekly and a miniature photographer I’m gushing over.

Mom, I made my second mix!

She did not care. The moment I wanted to share the cover she got distracted by Pinterest hairstyles and didn’t ask again what I wanted to show her. I know she loves me though.

Either way: I made my second mix! YAYAYAY! 🎉

Though “mix” is a big word, it’s basically me showing my best fade-in-fade-out abilities for 53 minutes straight. I cannot mix, nor do I have the patience to figure out how that shit works.

Even when I people offered to help. I appreciate you, but still, simply cannot be bothered.

My “epic mellow song compilation” came about as my amazing, inspiring friend Maggie from Stimulate Your Soul asked me to be part of her Mixcloud-backed project “Doing It Pho The Girls”.

It’s a weekly series that promotes womxn and non-binary people in the creative and music industry (meet my other side project, a music blog called Sign This Kid). 

The mix launched today and I am EXCITED! Mostly because the cover looks like I actually know wtf I’m doing. 

And because I love each and every song that I added. Especially Tem’s Looku Looku, Amber Mark’s Waiting and Sophie Faith’s You Are The Best Thing. Those have me ALL in my feelings every time.

It’s the perfect morning mix to listen to when you’re sitting in the bed, in front of a sunny window, with a hot tea and yesterday’s leftover pizza. Press play and daydream away my love…

Felt cute, will not delete later

You have the Kylie Jenners of the world, and then you have me. The type that contemplates a ridiculous amount of time every time she wants to post yet another selfie. 

I wonder things like: Can I post all 3? Maybe I need to post something random in between. What caption would justify this self-absorbedness?

OMG what?! My imaginary daughter Southie posted these, so crazy, I know!”


It’s a vicious circle. Quarantine = more time = more bored = more YouTube = an entire autoplay list with beauty tutorials = spending a week perfecting new looks = “Damn I am CUTE” mood activated = selfies = I mean, loads of selfies. Repeat.

At best I can get the approval of my quarantine audience of two: my mom and dad. 

I tried video calling my friend during one of my really good hair days but she didn’t pick up. She actually still didn’t call me back. She did recently discover she might (or might not) be bisexual, so she’s more than excused if she’s out exploring.

Back when coronaviiiiiiirus (do people still imagine Cardi’s voice? Because I do) wasn’t yet a thing, you could walk on the street, get a head turn or two and know you’re still a whole snack.

Or you could meet the girls for dinner, walk up and hear one of them shout from afar: “GIRRLLLLL, oh-kay I see you!”

God I miss this type of every day female uplifting in my life. Fucking cave-life.

Nowadays, you need gramassurance to experience that same short-lived high. Because somehow, staring at yourself, alone in the house, on a day where your skin looks flawless and your hair finally works with you feels very, very unsatisfying. Like a waste of beauty.

So here we are, with a gallery full of new self-portraits that I’m all very proud of and would like to present outside of the private gathering of 450 barely-engaged folks that’s called my Instagram account. Please hype me up in the comments, thank you.

My expander in like, everything

Expander. Noun. “One who expands; something that expands.”

Ashley C. Ford is my expander in like, everything. The apartment! The daily dance parties! The record players! The relationship! The books! The whiteboard! The letters! Her laughter! The “I was gonna say the couch”! All my life goals in under 10 minutes.

I watch this almost every week, just to remind myself what I’m working towards ❤️️


I’ve loved miniature things ever since I was little. In the Netherlands, we have something called “Madurodam,” which is basically bits and pieces of our country reenacted with tiny objects. It’s suuuuper cute.

So naturally, I was excited to discover miniature photographer Tatsuya Tanaka, who creates miniature art every. single. day. (I applaud him!). The designs are incredibly cute, innovative and so much fun to see.

He also sells books, postcards (that look way too cute) AND … miniature puzzles! Whaaat?! Yes, you’ve heard that right. How amazing is that for your new quarantine project. I am sold, I want one. I don’t live in Japan. But I can buy this calendar and this book. Oweeee 🙂

There are some of my favorite pieces Tatsuya created:

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