1/4 — June journaling

My new movement I am doing the work, a colorful online shopping haul, how I found an inspiring stylist through my Asian bae crush and music that makes me happy.
Sign This Kid mix cover

4/4 — May musings

Presenting my second-ever mix filled with soul-soothing tunes, as well as ALL my new selfies, an expansive video I watch weekly and a miniature photographer I’m gushing over.

3/4 — May musings

How my new quarantine hobby made me realize that I’m a damn hermit, the magic that’s called overnight curls, another ghost appearance and a card game for solving real life shit.

2/4 — May musings

Unboxing a goodiebox full of bomb skincare, the best 2 talent shows happening on IG right now, jazzy live sessions with German artists and a self-worth celebration.

1/4 — May musings

The Brooklyn Art Library sketchbook project, an interior design course, Alicia Keys’ inspiring story and the soul-soothing collab of Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes.