Hi lovely,

To my friends who I’ve sent here because I was too lazy to tell you these stories over text: Welcome to my inner circle, you’re a keeper for making this effort.

To the stranger that found this online journal even though I made zero effort to optimize any keywords: You’d be an excellent spy. You’re welcomed too.

This is four times four — A curated journal where I write about 4 new things I’m hyped about every week. Anything from books, music, art, muses and bucket list items to travel destinations and more.

I will curate 4 things, 4 times a month in hopes of exciting you too.

I’m one of those “digital nomads”

Ugh, I know right?! What a bleh term. I was just trying to keep up my tan in winter, that’s how I ended up living out of a suitcase in exotic places.

I spent 8 years in Berlin until I realized “shit I’m almost 30 and all I do is drink wine, dance and hang out with the girls”. Time to shake things up!

My not-too-shabby career choices and writing skills landed me a remote dream job in summer ’19. I left my Kreuzberg kiez and traveled to Bali for a two-week trip, after which I conveniently “missed” the return flight.

I spent all winter in amazing places like Penang, Melbourne, Canggu and El Nido. Six months later, I returned home with the last flight leaving from Manila to Amsterdam before the shitshow we’re currently in officially started.

Now I’m quarantining with the fam — a 12-year reunion that’s going surprisingly well — until I can start my next chapter: A New York way of life.

7 things that make me, me

  • I ugly LOL, loads. Many can vividly remember and impersonate different variations of my giggles.
  • I’m a true ENFP. I nodded at everything described, though mostly at the positive traits like charming, independent and compassionate.
  • You can convince me to do just about anything. Still not sure if that’s open-mindedness or lack of boundaries.
  • I mostly listen to independent artists and write about them on my blog Sign This Kid.
  • My idea of dinner is smelly cheese and wine. I’ll start cooking when I have kids, using meal kit services.
  • My closet only contains black clothes and gold accessories.
  • I used to be tirelessly social until I practiced solitude. Now I’m discovering this version of me (and hobbies that don’t involve wine).

Some woo-woo shit

I’m Aries rising, Libra sun and Gemini moon. I aspire to be the person that actually knows what that means and can reply “oh em gee, that makes so much sense” upon hearing other people’s astrological stats (is that what you call these?).
In Human Design, I’m a Manifesting Generator with a 2/4 profile that’s non-specific (phew). So yes, this online journal is one of my many projects that I might, or might not pursue — it will be a surprise for both of us!

I have rose quartzes and citrine crystals. Two of each, which makes no sense. The reality is that I couldn’t choose, but I like to say it’s because they both “felt right”. I have yet to unlock spirituality level feel-crystal-energy, but I like to believe that when shit really hits the fan, my crystals will magically soak up my issues. Anyway, they’re also very pretty.

“You might catch me say shit like “I need my crystals for this” but I’m happy to report that after calling Bali home for months, I’m still very grounded with hints of magic and empathy.”

— me after having my aura photographed in bali

My life essentials

All I want to add here is: that Benton eye cream truly works miracles. Click the captions to explore my life essentials.

“Singing loud and strong, groovin all day long. I’m taking my own freedom, putting it in my stroll. I’ll be high stepping y’all, letting the joy unfold. I’m living my life like its golden.”

Jill Scott – Golden