4×4 — Inspiring female artists

Meet storyteller Danielle Krysa, photographer Vicky Grout, illustrator Julia Rothman and tattoo artist Pauline.

Storyteller Danielle Krysa

When I found out about Danielle’s art, I went to her IG page and tapped hearts on more than 20 pictures, just seconds away from each other. She probably thought I was an overenthusiastic #likeforlike bot, but I was genuinely so freaking hyped about all the beauty that was in front of my eyes!

Danielle Krysa combines old pictures with paint, crystals, sea glass and more, to create almost nostalgic yet modern pieces of art. Art that I need for the future home… that suddenly doesn’t feel so future anymore. Her art stories make me envision my epic gallery wall in my Brooklyn home, filled with souvenirs from traveling and memories from great moments.

Yikes, fuck traveling, I kinda want to settle down now. Only to wake up, brush my teeth, pass by my sparkling Danielle Krysa piece and stand there, lost in thoughts, daydreaming about life. That would be quite the morning routine, one I could actually really get used to.

I mean, look:

In her 2018 book “A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women)”, Danielle celebrates female contemporary artists (fuck yeah) and motivates aspiring artists to get creative themselves.

Photographer Vicky Grout

Oh Vicky. This woman has had everyone I love in the music industry in front of her lens. The London-based photographer is big in the UK rnb/hip-hop/grime scene and every portrait she does is just spot on. The colors, setting, angle, lighting, overall mood — it’s all just “I love this omg yes” for me.

Issa whole vibe, innit bruv?

Illustrator Julia Rothman

The best thing about New York are the many unique faces that wander its streets. Each of them carrying around their own unique story (like this epic adventure from Humans of NY — make sure to read all 11 slides).

Julia Rothman listens to these stories and turns them into amazing illustrations that are published in The New York Times. As an all-things-digital millennial, I buy newspapers precisely never, but if I were a NY resident I would faithfully buy each edition just to have Julia’s illustrations.

Tattoo artist Pauline

If I would win the lottery tomorrow, I would take the first flight to Seoul and schedule a tattoo appointment, or 5, at STUDIOBYSOL. This Korean gem houses some of the best artists, all of whom can gladly use my body as their creative outlet, any day really.

One of them is Ovenlee, who creates miniature watercolor paintings that look like they come straight out of an old fairytale novel. Or a When Harry Met Sally tattoo that’s so beautifully done it makes me wonder what other movie characters are tattoo-worthy. Maybe Nola and Mars? Damn, that would probably look super dope.

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When Harry Met Sally (1989) @ovenlee.tattoo

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And my favorite female artist on their roaster is Pauline, who tattoos artsy, feminine line drawings. One glance at her designs can instantly make you feel that heartwarming, pure feeling of intimacy between 2 people. Like this tattoo does. Amazing!

She combines black and white ink to create her eye-catching, unique creations. And I want one, so badly.

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